Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spring Semester of 2013

Spring of 2013 (Jan.6th-May.24th)

The full semester tuition and a nonrefundable $75 (per student) registration fee are due before the 1st lesson of the semester.  Fees for music, contest, etc. will be due on the 1st lesson of the month when applicable. There are 5 months and 20 weeks in this semester.  There will be approximately two studio classes per month.

Tuition for Private Teaching                                                         

$120 for 30 minutes (4-6 years old)                                            
$180 for 45 minutes                                                                       

Tuition for Partnership

$100 for 30 minutes (per Student) 
$140 for 45 minutes (per Student)

Please check on the Dates to Remember on Bulletins

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners of Senior Piano Concerto and Piano Ensemble Competition

 You paticipated and you won. Isn't that Great?! Keep up the hard work.

Congratulations to the Winner of Bach Contest of 2012

Baroque Group:
Level A: Jenniffer Lin. 
Leverl B: Ethan Guo, Ethan Liu. 
Level C: Samuel Li,

Sonatina Group: 
Level A: Sarah Liu, Edwin Liu, Cathy Hu.
Level B: Alan Yan, Ethan Liu, Isabella Yan, Tiffany Tran.
Level C: Catherine Ledoux.
Level D: Samuel Li.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spring Of 2013 Dates to Remember

Dates to remember

February 9th-15th Mardi Gras Vacation. No Piano Lessons During this Week.

March 16th,  Saturday, BRMTA Tournament at LSU School of Music.
March 29th Good Friday-April 5th Easter Break. No Piano Lessons During this Week.

April 20th, Saturday, Debose National Piano Competition at Southern University.

April 27th, Saturday, LMTA District Rally-Pre A and Level II-IV at LSU.
May 4th, Saturday, LMTA District Rally-Pre B and Level I at LSU.
May 4th, Saturday, Allen Fleming Audition at LSU.
May 4th, Saturday, Anni Zhang Senior Recital at Manship Theater.
May 11th, Saturday, Students Winners Recital at LSU Recital Hall 10:30.

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