Tuesday, June 26, 2018

National Bebose and Rally Winner from Spring of 2018

National Debose Piano Competition winners: Piano Solo: Third Grade: Bobby Chen (3rd Place Fourth Grade: Megan Guo (1st Place $200) Grace Ding (3rd Place) Fifth Grade: Stanley Lin (2nd Place) Sixth Grade: Kathy Hu (1st Place $200) Alex Bureige (2nd Place) Gabi Cuadra (3rd Place) Sarah Liu (2nd) Seventh Grade: Ethan Guo (2nd Place) Ninth Grade: Efe Meraler (2nd Place) Tenth Grade: Tristan Lin (1st Place $200) Piano Duets: Gabi Cuadra and Jun Moon (2nd Place) Michael and Nancy Shi (2nd Place) Piano Rally (Baton Rouge District) Performance Winners: Prep A: Olivia Lin (2nd Place) Randy Jiang (Honorable Mention) Prep B: Brandon Yan (1st Place) Megan Guo (2nd Place) Bobby Chen (3rd) Kathy Hu (Honorable Mention) Gabi Cuadra (Honorable Mention) Level II: Ethen Guo (1st Place) June Moon (1st Place) Level III: Tristan Lin (3rd Place) Monica Chasuk (Honorable Mention) Level IV: Allen Wang (3rd place)

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